21 February 2010

Winter's End?

It was in the low 60s yesterday, and mid-/upper-60s today. Today's actually quite pretty, blue and very bright. I have all the windows open as I type and the birds occasionally interject commentary.

Friday I saw some light-green buds on some bushes on the way to Kroger, and yesterday we noted buds on the Bradford pear trees. Today as we came past one of the houses on our usual route home, one with a stone retaining wall next to the driveway, we noted that the phlox plant on the wall is in bloom. So spring is on its way, but we still have a week of 50s and 40s to look forward to.

15 February 2010

My Snurgly Valentine

I had a cold over Valentine's Day, so it wasn't the fluffy romantic day that most women might have wanted. I was feeling pretty wretched, to be honest.

When I was feeling better on Friday, however, I got a bee in my bonnet about the game night. I had looked in the stores for old-fashioned Valentine cards like this one.

But everything I saw was media-based. Instead, I noted the little Valentine card kit I bought at Michaels last year. Along with some cute animal stickers, I made handmade cards for each person. I also made a Valentine card for James with an original verse inside. It was fun. I should do projects like this more often.

No pics, sorry. These were little cards, and the stickers were Suzy's Zoo cats and dogs and one bear.

02 February 2010

Shadows and Sunshine

Looks like ol' Punxsatawney Phil has seen his shadow, so the Northeast supposedly will have six more weeks of winter, while General "Beau" Lee did not, which means spring is in the offing. Whatever. We're supposed to get gallons more rain on Thursday and Friday, just a normal winter day in the south.

I've been quiet since Epiphany...just nothing to say. My after-Christmas ennui seems to get worse each year.

Couldn't burn a candle today for Candlemas, so will try to do so tomorrow. My "roasted coffee" candles are almost at an end. Must get more, or the cafè au lait ones. Nothing is as soothing as the smell of brewing coffee.

We are supposed to have a game night next Saturday. The Valentine decorations should be up by then and I hope to do a minor Valentine theme. That should be fun. The day before our game night is the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. We missed most of this last time because of moving, so I'm hoping to enjoy all that snow this year!