17 September 2008

1920s Chic

Anyone remember Dennison? They were a paper company out of Massachusetts which was bought out by Avery awhile back. The main thing I remember Dennison for was stickers ("gummed seals" as they called them back then); they had all kinds. I bought some of their dog stickers just to get the collies. :-) In the 1910s and 1920s, however, they were also famous for selling all kinds of crepe paper (not just streamers) for use in holiday decorating and even for making temporary costumes for parties and playlets that children could put on. They would come out with yearly booklets, the "Bogie Book" at Hallowe'en and the Christmas Book, to give you ideas for decorating using their paper products. These booklets are rare today because folks just tossed them out after the holiday and now they sell for $$$ on e-Bay.

Well, some kind soul scanned one of the Christmas books from 1922 and it is linked at Google books:

Dennison Christmas Book

Really neat look back at was considered "trendy" back then in decorating for the holidays; also interesting to see party game suggestions—and 1920s price list as well!

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