18 October 2007

Christmas Comes to the Civic Center

Since I was teleworking today, I eschewed my usual "date" with Rick Steves' Europe and a walk with Willow and spent my lunchtime at the Mistletoe Market at the Cobb County Civic Center. As always, there were a lot of jewelry booths, children's things, and people selling dip and soup mixes. I "took lunch" by nibbling on some of the dips, bought a Christmas book at a discount, and, of all things, bought myself a scarf. It is rather pretty gypsy-style, mixed fall colors (which of course is what attracted me) in a patchwork style, elastic horizontal smocking alternating with light striped material and green stringy fringe. It looks very eclectic.

Of course many adorable ornaments. Jingle bell ornaments seem to be the big thing this year. I have seen animals and human figures made of jingle bells in all the stores, for both Hallowe'en and Christmas, and there were no shortage of them here. One booth had some very unique reindeer statues, with their antlers as candlabras, but they were expensive.

One thing I was looking for was new glass cutting boards. Ours are quite raggy. Several years ago there were at least two dealers selling different sized cutting boards with various motifs, including beautiful apple motifs.

Of course now that I want them...you guessed it!

It was an odd day to go Christmas shopping: we had a warm front come in the other day and it was stuffy and smothery out, with a low overhang of dark clouds that looked like it should come with cool temps. It spattered a few times today, enough to wet the deck, but that was about it.

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