26 December 2014

Lovely to Look At...

The Christmas Book, Alvin Horton and Karin Shakery
I found this book at the Smyrna Library book sale at the fall Jonquil Festival. It's another collection of history, decorating tips, recipes, and lush color photographs of decorations, landscapes, foods, decorated trees, etc., also addressing entertaining and simple Christmas decorations. I guess I sound a little jaded about this one, and it isn't fair to the book: if you don't have a omnibus-type book like this, it's very pretty, well-written, and potentially useful to anyone looking for recipes or decorating tips, but by now, having bought several different publishers' versions of these books, I always notice how they stress simple recipes and natural decorations brought from your yard, and the houses they show are downright opulent, with gorgeous woodwork, big open rooms, massive fireplaces, all wonderful to look at, but not really realistic. And apparently they all have big yards with pine trees and bittersweet in them to use for the natural decorations. I mean, how many people can afford to live like this? Someday I'd love to see all this care and attention  and beautiful photography lavished on 1200-2200 square foot normal family homes, or even ordinary apartments, and show what a little bit of love and Christmas magic can do for them!

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