28 September 2004

Skipping Grisham

I placed a book review of John Grisham's Skipping Christmas in my book blog, "A Cozy Nook to Read In."

Warning: if you liked the book, you'll probably hate my review.

24 September 2004

Fall at Last

And of course we had to shut the windows again and put the A/C back on because it got warm again. Summer has its claws dug in tight and doesn't want to let go.

Despite my "wrecked car depression," I did manage to dress the house for fall on Wednesday. I thought I needed a new small autumn wreath for the glass doors this year (turns out I'd purchased one last year) and went crazy trying to find a new one. I usually use a candle ring, but such an animal doesn't seem to exist in Michael's or JoAnn any longer! Instead, I found something that was a curved, woven cane with fall leaves and gourds on it in appropriate colors. I put a fall ribbon on it and it looks just fine.

I ripped down all the summer things in my cubicle today and decorated with a leaf bouquet, autumn leaf garland, a smaller fall bouquet of leaves, nuts, corn, etc. and some stunning autumn photos and drawings culled from old calendars. So now it's bright and cheery again, even if work is going to the dogs...

16 September 2004

A Happy Rosh Hashanah!

May your new year be sweet!

15 September 2004

It's Never Too Early to Begin

The folks at Organized Christmas.com have already started their countdown.

Many ideas and plans herein, and forums to share thoughts.