28 January 2008

Clever and Amusing 3D Animated Short

Will Santa reach his goal? Check out "Ornaments."

25 January 2008

Holiday Media

A Collection of Christmas movies, Videos, Commercials and Cartoons

Includes the famous Richard Williams animated version of A Christmas Carol, which won an Academy Award for Best Short Subject. Why this isn't out on DVD God only knows.

09 January 2008

The Most Un-Wonderful Days of the Year

Certainly having to take down the Christmas decorations belongs in this category! Things are proceeding slowly here since work has priority, but last night I divested the front porch of its finery and all the Christmas things in the main bathroom (blue Santas and a blue angel and the blue and purple snowman soap dispenser) are ready to be put away once the soap dispenser has dried. It's still uncommonly warm, which makes it more depressing.

I have $10 in Hallmark rewards cash and am wondering if I should invest in more Valentines Day finery or just save it for Easter or cards. You can only use it on Hallmark-branded merchandise, so I can't buy a Jim Shore piece with it, which I'd rather do. :-)

07 January 2008


• Humor for the Holidays, anthology, Howard Books
Collection of short, humorous pieces, chiefly about Christmas but some centering around Thanksgiving, most with a mild, non-pushy Christian message. Some of them are "awww" pieces, a few others laugh-aloud, most gentle. Take a tea break daily and enjoy a story or two.

• On Christmas Eve, Ann M. Martin
Eight-year-old Tess is determined that this is the year she will stay awake and meet Santa Claus. She even buys him a gift to thank him for all the gifts over the years. She never dreams that her determination will lead her to a wondrous Christmas Eve where old legends come true. But there are some things, like the wish she makes for her friend Sarah, that even Santa Claus can't bring. A cocoa-by-the-fire book; be warned, however, if reading to children, that a death is involved in the story—several of the reviewers on Amazon.com were really upset by this plot point.

06 January 2008

"The Afterglow"

The greetings and carols have ended,
the glad celebrations have ceased
With the angels ascended to heaven,
The Wise Men returned to the East.
But the light that once shone on a manger
Still brightens the world from afar,
And listening hearts sill hear angels,
And wise men still follow a star.

. . . . . . . Ellis Rowsey

Saturday Frolic and Sunday Shopping

Here it is Epiphany already! How does one slow down the doggoned clock on happy days? Yesterday went by like a breath of wind and today, even though James is at work, the hours are flying by.

We were out only briefly yesterday to stop at the hobby shop and then at MicroCenter before getting some sodas at the supermarket and hurrying home to prepare for the Twelfth Night party. We have been leaving the cooked goodies (this time we served chili, cocktail franks in barbecue sauce, split taquitos, mini egg rolls, and honey barbecue chicken wings) and the chips and dip in the kitchen and the rest of the goodies (cheese spread and M&Ms in the center of the table so folks could still gather round the table to eat; there is always space at the coffee table and we also have these clever plastic gadgets (not trays) that carry a paper cup and paper plate and have a hole for your "plastic silverware." James did the cooking part and the cheese spreads because even the light whipped Philly was very stiff, and I did the rest, and we were just finishing as the first guest arrived.

It was a wonderful party, full of stories and laughter. Our friends from Warner Robins got to attend, and we even enjoyed the company of Sue Lawson's mom. It's always nice to have a Mom around. Even Jessie managed to have a good time although she'd just had her wisdom teeth out on Thursday and was in a bit of pain throughout (I gave her a little ice cream to cool her mouth).

Willow went crazy barking for about an hour, but eventually began to wander around happily panting and searching for leavings. By the time the last guest left she was tuckered out. Schuyler, I'm sorry to say, although she had no trouble with the small game night we had, did not enjoy a full-blown party. Not sure if female budgies are just not social critters like the males—certainly Pidge and Bandit ate up all the attention—or if it is just natural shyness, but she wasn't happy much of the night, except when I gave her a stalk of millet and then when the crowd lessened a little.

We left the dishes because James had to get to bed due to having to work today, but everything else was cleaned up last night and I did the vacuuming again today so now all is spotless. Since I had the table cleaned off and will be transferring the Christmas things to winter things over the week, I did not replace the Christmas runner. Instead I used the food-based mineral oil I finally found and gave the table top (which is solid wood) a good oiling. It was looking pale and dry, almost like dry skin on a person, from lack of oils, since it hadn't been treated since we bought it seven (?) years ago. I put a good coating of oil on with a paper towel, let it absorb for half an hour, wiped the excess off with another paper towel and left it a bit more, then finally buffed it down with a holey old sock which has been washed and saved for dusting/polishing purposes. It looks so lovely; the color deep brown again—how wonderful that a clear liquid brings out such a wonderful color.

I didn't sleep in after James left for work, but instead set out for the store. I had a 30 percent off coupon for Borders and Borders Bucks as well as some rewards coupons and got the Inside the Victorian Home book I had become so enamoured of on New Year's Eve. I also bought James a new aircraft calendar and, through some shopping, purchased at least six more gifts for next year! These are all gifts I know people will like and use, not just "this is on sale; I can give it to so-and-so," and three of the things I would truly not ordinarily been able to afford. I also bought two Christmas books at half price.