21 March 2005

"Spring Has Come...

the grass is riz--
I wonder where
Da boidies is."

Well, they're certainly all over our yard.

The old Harbour's been neglected of late; just too much happening too fast and too damn much to do. The Bradford pear trees look like egg-shaped snowballs once again and flowering plum, cherry, and forsythia add pink, purple, and yellow to the mix. Quite Easter-y.

I had the depressing task of taking down all the winter things yesterday and putting up the spring ones. I have to admit the new wreath for the front door does look nice. The base wreath has had grapevine leaves and grapes on it for the past few years, but it was shedding prodigiously. I bought two "floral stems" composed of several shoots of what look like bluebells in blue and purple and clipped them apart, then attached them to the now-clear base wreath with floral wire. It took awhile to get each individual stem to fall properly, but it was worth it.

Next to go up will be the Easter tree and the seasonal turnover will be complete.