29 February 2008

19 February 2008

Addie's "Mom"

Hurrah! Here's the Gail Rock article whose link was changed from the first time I found it. I'll remember to save the article this time...

Gail Rock's Books About Small-Town Living Conjure Images That Transcend Generations

In fact, this article seems longer than the one I read four years ago; I don't remember anything about Lisa Lucas breaking her leg or asking Ms. Rock to include a horse in the story.

::cough:: The photo accompanying the article does NOT go with it. :-)

07 February 2008

All Hearts

I am finally finished putting up the Valentine decorations. I'd planned to put them up Saturday, but my plans were interrupted, and after that the weather was so sultry it felt like I should be putting up paper umbrellas and glasses of pina coladas rather than Valentine hearts.

I did most of it, including the porch, last night; I like to go out there after dark and decorate, so that next morning when the neighbors go by they blink. "Oh, God, she's done it again." Susan next door does decorate on Hallowe'en and Christmas, and several folks had Christmas lights, but most of the time folks around here are bland as unsalted butter. Aside from different plants in the yard, the other homes are anonymous. I'm glad they're not into pink flamingoes, whirling multicolor pinwheels, bedraggled streamers, and other things I've seen in other yards, but...a wreath on the door? Some potted plants? A stone figure of a dragon or a dog or a small child? Something tasteful that will relieve the monotony?

(I just had to go out and fix the pasteboard hearts; the wind has freshened and blew two of them in the yard. I trust they are more securely fastened now.)