29 September 2012

A Much-Belated Decorating Project

I saw a similar idea to this once in a crafting magazine and said "What a cute idea!" So I began to assemble the parts. During post-fall sales I bought a packet of artificial leaves. At Walmart I bought little crafting clothespins.

Do you know how much trouble I had finding string? I mean, garden variety string! You used to be able to walk into any grocery store and find string, which would be used for tying up roasts. Italian moms used to tie up bragioles with them (a kind of meat roll with a thin-sliced steak for an exterior with all sorts of goodies inside: cheese, garlic cloves, chopped up lunchmeats, etc.). Or you could get it in Woolworth's or any five-and-ten, in the hardware section.

By the time I found the string (really a brown twine), I'd misplaced the leaves and the clothespins!

So a month or so back I bought more clothespins. And today I bought more leaves.

And "viola!" as Snagglepuss used to say:

The little tabs you see are "fall phrases":

"Gingerbread weather," "Fall forever!" "Pumpkin pie," and "Wonder-FALL!" above.

"Fresh crisp apples," "Autumn blessings," "Bright fall colors," and "Falling leaves" below.

And that's it, all clipped to the twine.

22 September 2012

The Autumnal Equinox

Happy, happy fall!

Here, feast your eyes on all these beautiful autumn images!

Who doesn't want to walk down this road? Maybe it's chilly enough to be wearing sweats and a light jacket. The air is crisp, with the delightful scent of autumn leaves.

07 September 2012

Welcome, Fall!

I'm not waiting for the equinox; it's been too long in coming. Meteorological autumn began September 1, and I'm hanging my hat on that!

The following link was posted in one of my Christmas groups a week or two ago, and if you grew up in the middle of the last century as I did, you'll recognize many of these items. It's quite a smorgasbord!

Vintage Christmas Images

(Note: For some reason I couldn't get this to open in Firefox. YMMV. It works fine in Chrome. Warning! There are a lot of pictures to load!)