07 June 2006

Golden Age Holidays

I don't see anything on their page, but if you subscribe to XM Satellite Radio, they are having a "Christmas in July" feature on their Radio Classics channel, 164, starting July 17 (the announcer didn't say how long it would run).

Some of these classic radio comedy Christmas stories are hilarious—the one where Jack Benny bedevils a store clerk played by Mel Blanc is a classic and was repeated on television. Sometimes for the holidays even the comedies would veer into sentiment. Many of them had regular features, such as Amos explaining to his daughter the meaning of the Lord's Prayer in Amos'n'Andy and the singing of Ken Darby's arrangement of "The Night Before Christmas" on The Johnson Wax Program (starring Fibber McGee and Molly). "The Cinnamon Bear" is a classic children's serial that ran in 24 10-minute increments on each of the December days before Christmas for many years.