29 August 2005


The edge of Hurricane Katrina is pouring sheets of rain over us. We needed a goodie and opened the little box of Anna ginger crackers we bought at Ikea.

They smell like Christmas.

I wish summer was over. It's brought nothing but misery, even worse than usual.

At least we are safe and dry, unlike the folks in New Orleans. Surely there's a little bit of Christmas in that.

19 August 2005

Fall Around the Corner

Stopped at the Russell Stover outlet store today and they have their fall candies out, the Halloween things, of course, but also boxes of candies wrapped in an autumn leaf motif.

Nice to see fall things everywhere. I bought some fall things: a new leaf garland, a candle ring (which you can't find at Michael's or JoAnn anymore), a tiny candle ring that was so pretty, and some Chinese lanterns (I love Chinese lanterns) and cattails (which were actually on sale as summer things). The latter two came home with us, but the fall things went with the movers. Can hardly wait until they come.