24 June 2008

The 2008 Hallmark Christmas Dream Book

Ornament Catalog

Particularly noted: a very nice Father Christmas, page 5; very pretty shell remembrance ornament, page 9; two new Rudolph and Grinch ornaments, page 15 (should get a Grinch for the library tree); a CLASSIC Ernest Shepard Pooh ornament, page 33 (much more appropriate for the library tree than the Disney version) and also some bears reading "A Visit from St. Nicholas"; Snoopy and the "beagle scouts"—too cute!, page 47; a Mach Five!, page 49; a new Lady and Tramp, page 50; a ViewMaster and a jukebox that plays swing music, page 57; a Jonny Quest ornament!!!!, page 63; a Star Trek communicator and a very realistic Indiana Jones, page 65; the Canadian Santa, page 70. There are, of course, ornaments for High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Pirates of the Caribbean, WALL-E, and other hot items as well.

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