16 October 2008

Operation Ceppo, The Homestretch

Everything is now painted except the "snow" on the bottom level. I am detailing this a bit with—believe it or not—Elmer's glue. With the "nose" of the glue bottle, I draw an outline of a shape that is supposed to look like a snowdrift or just something covered with snow, then fill it in with the glue. Then I let it dry. Then I put another layer on certain areas, and a third layer on a couple of them. I realized that since I am using paint instead of the previous cotton, the area will look flat. The glue "drifts" and piles are there to give it a little contour. Once I have them the way I want them, and they are dry, I will put a coat of white paint on them and then scatter that with various kinds of glitter. I have some white glitter from JoAnn that almost looks like flocking (great for snow!), a fine white glitter, and one small tube of white glitter that is in hexagon shape. (These are from the little six to four tube glitter sets JoAnn has in its dollar bins.) I don't want to waste the hexagon shape; it's a good highlight. I also just found that one of the collections has a glitter that looks like clear beads...may use a dribble of that, too.

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