19 March 2009

Celebrating St. Joseph's Day in the News

St. Joseph: A Humble Man of God

This is an interesting article about how St. Joseph's Day has become meaningful to African-American groups. (Funny how this refers to St. Joseph's Day as a "Sicilian" holiday; I just think of it as an "Italian" holiday.)

A look at creating a St. Joseph's Day altar in New Orleans.

Preparing a St. Joseph's feast with love in Texas.

Celebrating St. Joseph's Day With Bread, a story from Chicago. (Zeppoles filled with chocolate custard? Now those I could go for!)

A New York bakery shows us how to make zeppole.

In some places it's just easier to find an Italian bakery: a video of zeppoles being prepared at Schialo's Bakery in Providence, RI. (This is up in the Federal Hill neighborhood where my mom grew up; "the Hill" was primarily known as an Italian neighborhood for many decades.)

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