22 April 2009

Christmas in...April?

Yes, the Hallmark Dream Book came today!

I love it...there is a "Bolt" ornament!

Other cool ornaments I noted:

• The first in a series of "Mickey's Christmas Carol" ornaments (this one is Mickey as Bob Cratchit at his desk)

• A gingerbread Santa-and-reindeer set (as well as a gingerbread Noah's ark)

• A nice "full size" and also miniature train set

• A cute miniature Snoopy and Woodstock

• A "talking" Ralphy in the pink pajamas

• A Robby the Robot

• A wonderful Eeyore ornament with him and a Charlie Brown-type tree

• A new Marjolein Bastin ornament (a cardinal on a garden gate)

plus, of course, all sorts of Santas, snowmen, and Snoopys, superheroes and Barbies, angels and of course the Child in the Manger.

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