01 September 2009


Although the fall equinox itself is some weeks away, it is now meteorological autumn. The trees seem to know it, as all the dogwood leaves are tinged with red, and the ones behind our building at work have the dogwood equivalent of rose hips (dogwood hips?) on their branches. Acorns are starting to fall, ones and twos, and sometimes threes, from the oak trees around the parking lot, and the tulip trees have been dotted with yellow leaves for some time now; already in August our back yard is scattered with a smattering of yellow and brown tulip tree leaves.

Yesterday it was cloudy most of the day, until late afternoon, and the temperature may not have even reached 80°F. It is cloudy again this morning, that "is it going to rain" iron-grey sky that looks so ominous and keeps it so nice and cool. I think it will be 79 or 80 today, too.

Summer is still hanging on with her teeth: it will be in the low 80s this weekend. I long for today's cloud cover and cooler temperatures then!

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