27 November 2009


by Ace Collins

Ever buy an Advent calendar? Behind every door for every day in December there's a picture, or perhaps a candy. It's a way to enjoy the anticipation of the Christmas season.

Think of this as an Advent calendar book. Each chapter discusses an aspect of the Christmas season from a Christian point of view (although much of the book stresses faith and happiness in a general manner)—fighting depression by doing good for others, teaching children about Christmas, relating mistletoe to modern celebration, emulating the spirit of Santa Claus, etc. Collins passes on a few old chestnuts that are not considered true, such as the Twelve Days of Christmas being used as a Christian teaching tool (more than likely it was a forfeit song in a game), but the book as a whole is a nice daybook for the Christmas season. One chapter each day will get you to Christmas, and there's even a bonus chapter for Boxing Day.

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