21 November 2010

36 Days Until Christmas

Today was the first of my use-or-lose Fridays and I made the most of it by getting a bit of extra sleep. I toyed with going out, but instead worked on some holiday crafts.

So here I was on the Friday before Thanksgiving playing Christmas music while gussying up Hallowe'en decorations. :-) Playing actual records, too: my copy of the Cranston High School East A Capella Choir LP, "The Partridge Family Christmas Album," and "The Waltons Christmas Album," all nostalgic. My best friend Sherrye was in the A Capella Choir and on one song she has a duet with another soprano. I can always pick out her voice.

The Hallowe'en ornaments weren't much. They are small baubles—I hate saying "balls"; it has such a negative connotation these days!—less than an inch in diameter, in matte black and dark orange. I had a sample collection of "Hallowe'en glitter," so I took six black baubles, coated them in Elmer's glue, and then on three sprinkled bright orange glitter and on three bright green glitter. I used black and purple glitter on the orange ones, drawing bats with glue on three (black glitter) and ghosts (purple). Well, they're supposed to be ghosts and bats, anyway. LOL. Some may see them as shapeless blobs.

Next I painted the supposedly "white" little stool I'd bought on sale at Michael's. The little red stool is already doing duty in holding a stuffed turkey down in the foyer; it will also be employed for Christmas and Valentine's Day, and, with proper decoration, Independence Day. The white stool was actually more dirty cream-colored, and "distressed." Frankly, it looked more annoyed. :-) I painted it a matte pale "winter blue," and it will be used in the winter and for Easter. I didn't bother "distressing" it.

I started working on a Christmas project, but got tired of that, cleared off the rocker, and, to Schuyler's displeasure, sat listening to podcasts while cross-stitching. If Skye had her way, she'd watch television every minute. Listened to one "History of the World in 100 Objects," and a "Travel With Rick Steves" about Belgium and Belize. Did you know it's shorter to get to Tikal (in Guatemala) from Belize? Also lots of talk about "French" fries (invented in Belgium and eaten there with mayonnaise) and Flemish now being the primary language over French.

I am working on this.

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