25 June 2011

Six Months Until Christmas!

It's "LEON [NOEL spelt backward] Day!

For my part, I'm already ready for summer to be over. It's been in the 90s for weeks now. Friends tell me fall frippery is appearing in Michaels and they've seen wreaths on the far wall of Hobby Lobby. I must go hug some autumn leaves soon! :-)

Next weekend is Independence Day weekend, and it is two weeks until the Hallmark ornament premiere. Time's gone by quickly despite the fricasseeing we've been getting in the heat. It's time to start playing a bit of Christmas music to be able to endure July and August (not to mention end-of-fiscal-year). Really, nothing like soft instrumentals to cool your brain and soothe your soul. Add a cinnamon candle and you can almost look past the thunderstorms and the roaring cicadas. :-)


Danielle said...

I'm ready for fall too....or at least just cooler weather. 105 here today in NM.

Kyle Harper said...

Christmas is such a time of relief for my whole family. We never worry on Christmas. I wish more days could be like it!