25 November 2011

How You Know It's Christmas

The television commercials change!

A classic: Hershey's Kisses "Bells"

Kraft "Different Snack for Santa"

Coca-Cola "Snow Globes" 2010 (warning: this is a bit loud)

Coca-Cola Christmas "Trucks"

(How did Coca-Cola get hooked to Santa Claus? No, it wasn't because Coke red and Santa suit red were the same color. Coca-Cola was once considered only a refreshing cold summer drink. They wanted folks to drink it all year round. What better way than to show Santa Claus having a refreshing drink of Coca-Cola after his run?)

A true Christmas commercial classic: Coca-Cola "Hilltop"

Folgers Coffee: "Peter" (the original!)

Publix "Working on Christmas"

Check out the face of the baby! Publix "Conspiracy"

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