19 March 2012

Happy St. Joseph's Day!

About St. Joseph's Day

From New Jersey: On St. Joseph's Day, Collingswood Chef Celebrates Sicilian Fare

From Rhode Island: Zeppoles Still #1 on St. Joseph's Day

From California: Church celebrates St. Joseph's Day

From Louisiana: St. Joseph's Day Altar is Proud Tradition at St. Dominic Church in Lakeview (More about St. Joseph's Day altars.)

From Illinois: St. Joseph's Day the Chicago Way: Feasts, Traditions and Zeppole (note the difference in the Chicago zeppole compared to the Rhode Island ones; they are made differently in Sicily).

From New York: St. Joseph's Day, a Feast Filled With Gratitude

St. Joseph's Day is also when the swallows return to Capistrano.

Food, family, fathers...and feathered friends. Poor St. Patrick—all he gets are drunken people pretending to be Irish.

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