27 November 2003

We Gather Together...

On my Thanksgiving webpage I rant about how this holiday has disappeared between Halloween excess and Christmas excess. I can't help it. Tuesday's entry, about the home whose Thanksgiving decorations had disappeared, was typical. People think too much about the icons of the holiday, and not the real meaning, which is for us to appreciate what blessings we have, even if there has been hard luck during the year.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving day, despite the fact it ended up with a headache for me (a combination of too much feline dander and too much fresh flowers). We got up in time for the Macy's parade and I ran out for a paper so we could survey the upcoming sales. In between watching the parade, I made butternut squash and baked another cake since the low-fat version had broken apart again. [sigh] James made a corn casserole and the salad greens chilled in the freezer. The parade was fun, if the announcers yapped too much.

We spent the afternoon with friends munching on goodies and a totally marvelous golden brown turkey. TLC's Clean Sweep played in the background with alternating nice and horrendous paint schemes (really--who paints a wall split-pea soup green????) between chatting about divers matters. After various desserts we were all on our way home again, thankful for good friends who have become family.

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