26 November 2006

A Season of Light...and Smoke?

Saw more people putting up decorations today and bringing trees home. We've just been buying and planning. :-) The lietmotif of the entire weekend has been people burning leaves. Maybe where we lived before (only a few miles away!) no one did it because of laws or something. Everyone around here has been burning leaves or having a wood fire, despite how warm it's been during the day. At one point when we were driving home last night the smoke was so bad that our eyes were watering and we were coughing. There was literally a pall of smoke over everything. We saw at least a half dozen people burning leaves today within a mile or two of our house. They are excavating an old farm on Olive Springs Road to be a development and the smoke was hanging over the torn-up soil.

This wouldn't be so bad except we have the fans on in the bedroom because it's been so warm. Our bedroom reeks of burning leaves and woodsmoke.

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