22 December 2010

3 Days Before Christmas

Goodness, it was warm when I got up this morning; I thought I had been suddenly transported to Florida during the night (now there's a nightmare for you). When I looked at the temperature it said it was 60°F!

After breakfast, it was time to get to work. I put on Holiday Pops, lit the "Christmas Wreath" Yankee Candle, and did my chores; washed a load of towels and a load of clothes, vacuumed upstairs and the stairs, swept the foyer and downstairs, finished tidying the spare room, cleaned off the dining room table, and put "sliders" on the dining room chairs, something badly needed because they still had the "furry" ones on from the old house, where the table was on vinyl flooring. Needless to say, they didn't slide very well on carpet with all that friction!

By the time I finished it was one o'clock and I was feeling the need for some fresh air and action that didn't involve a balky vacuum cleaner, so I went out. I didn't take my jacket, but it was definitely cooler than it had been this morning. Stopped at CVS to wander the gift/decoration aisle to get a dose of Christmas, and also went to BJs to scope out stuff for the party. Got some samples: a Red Baron pizza that was surprisingly good, hummus, pita chips, and half a sugar cookie. On the way home I stopped at Borders and ran into our friend Phyllis.

Back at home I folded the towels and sorted the clothes, then sat down to watch Rick Steves' European Christmas. James brought home Wendy's for me, a plain burger and a baked potato. The burger definitely did not agree with me; I was feeling off the rest of the night. Did get to watch "Christmas at Plum Creek," and help James put together a gift for a friend.

The biggest surprise was on the news—they are tentatively predicting some snow for Christmas! Probably mostly in the North Georgia mountains, but depending on how it moves, perhaps a dusting here. We'll see...

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