19 December 2010

6 Days Before Christmas

Yesterday was a bit busy. I went out to the post office, and then stopped at the library to put in two interlibrary loan requests. I hope they can get the books. I have read eight of the ten "Camp Fire" series by Hildegard Frey and would like to read the remaining ones. One tells how Katherine joined the group and the other is a Christmas story. Stopped at Sam's Club as well, and bought gasoline there.

Spent the rest of the afternoon dubbing off Castle episodes and watching the Bewitched Christmas episode with Bill Mumy, "Visions of Sugarplums." I tried to find North Station on the instant play on Netflix and it's unavailable this year. Oh, well.

I ordered a pizza and James picked it up on the way home from work. He said he had three calls today, including one he did just because he wanted something to do. Later we went out to the Parkway Pointe Borders to walk around. James had some Borders bucks to spend by the end of the week and since he saw nothing for himself he bought Lynn Johnston's new Something Old, Something New for me for Christmas. After the coupon and the bucks it cost him $5! ($26 MSRP.)

We were up late because Jen is home, so we chatted until almost two o'clock and then I had to finish watching "The Children's Carol" (two-hour Waltons Christmas story taking place in 1940). So we slept in this morning, went grocery shopping (some great twofers at Publix!), and then "snuck in" to Buckhead the back way (so we wouldn't have to endure the traffic between Lenox and Phipps Plaza, two malls which are catty-corner from each other. Found a gift for someone and then...utterly gobsmacked here!...found the November 2010 issue of "Best of British," which I used to buy regularly until the Borders here quit carrying it in early 2005 (or maybe it was late 2004). The last issue I found was at the Borders at Garden City Shopping Center in Cranston the summer my mom died (2005). I always look, but it's never been there...until today! I grabbed it up quick!

It was four by the time we got home, so James warmed up our leftover turkey legs and we had those for supper while watching an episode of R5Sons Alaska, one of those crazy specials about people who put up jillions of Christmas lights, and the two most recent Hawaii Five-O episodes, the second of which was a Christmas episode that revealed that this iteration, too, has a Wo-Fat.

Am now on chat. We always get together every year and watch "Christmas in the Airwaves" (Remember WENN) with each other.

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