26 December 2011

A Late Gift for Boxing Day

James had today off, half of which we wasted by sleeping late. (We're just storing up sleep for the next day we have to work. ) Then we went over to MicroCenter. James has been toying with the idea of a new computer, and we had looked at some after Thanksgiving. He is rapidly running out of room on his hard drive, even though we have cleaned it off numerous times. The computer is also very slow, and he hopes, if he needs to have surgery on his foot (that has yet to be determined), that he could work here at home. Unfortunately, when we went back a couple of weeks later, the two we looked at were gone.

Today all the units they had were more expensive than those we had looked at, but the salesman told us about a sale on a Gateway: James could get a Windows 7 professional upgrade, a graphics card, and 6GB of memory with this particular computer and have it come out less than the least expensive one we looked at. But he hadn't wanted to spend quite that much. So we got the clerk's card and went on to Fry's, which was having a one-day sale. But all their desktops were much more expensive.

So we left Fry's and made a brief stop at a nearby Hallmark store to see what they had at 40 percent off. I bought hooks and adapters, and a pretty little angel with birds figurine, some Hanukkah cards, and a roll of wrapping paper. We also stopped at Trader Joe's for sausage, chicken salad, and sandwich meats. I was bad and bought some popcorn. I'll have to eat it sparingly as it makes me ill.

Then we stopped back at MicroCenter and bought the computer. James has been setting it up ever since. He first put in the graphics card and memory, then upgraded to Win7 Professional and loaded Firefox. We had to get Win7Pro because this is a 64-bit machine and we needed an emulator to run our 32-bit programs. So we didn't watch the Christmas Doctor Who tonight, but a couple of Feasts and Seasons, the special Italian Christmas, and two episodes of Lassie.

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