27 December 2011

Looking for Bargains on the Third Day of Christmas

Wish I could figure out what makes my phone turn on at night! It's a rude awakening indeed. Of course, I apparently missed the thunder.

When I got up it was still drippy and grey outside, but the rain was clearing away nicely, leaving a chill, cloudy day in the 40s with a brisk wind. I dubbed off a couple of Christmas specials (the new Prep & Landing, the Ice Age story, and The Real Story of Christmas), then got dressed and went out bargain hunting. Found a gift for next year at Barnes & Noble, then went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to use a couple of coupons about to run out. Got two very nice rolls of Christmas paper for a dollar each, plus some gift bags, and replaced something I had bought for James, then gave away; also some string, some Plinks, and a final Misto for the canola oil.

Next I hit Michaels. Bought another gift, a bag of bows, a winter basket, and all they had left of the small, square Christmas ornament cross-stitch kits (like the angel I made last month). I don't particularly like the designs, but the square frames are hard to find. I have books of small patterns (not even particularly Christmas patterns) that I can use with the frames, Aida cloth, and backing instead.

Then I went across the parking lot to Cost Plus World Market. I found Pumpkin Spice Scone mix for 50 cents each, and Peppermint Chocolate Chip Scone Mix for half price.

My last stop was Family Dollar, but just junk there.

The mail had run by the time I got home, and discovered two more Christmas cards, and yet another one returned! I am trying to record a few Christmas things off the BBC, but with James' old computer not accessible and the new one not properly set up yet, I am resorting to my own computer. I have no idea how these will sound, although the sound coming from the BBC is fine to listen to. Not only are there drop-outs in the recording sometimes, but when I play them back, the sound always sounds funny...at least the music. It appears to be muffled sometimes, and even drags like the batteries are running out on a cassette player. Can't imagine why.

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