08 January 2012

Good Old-Fashioned Post-Christmas Depression

As they said on Remember WENN, "December without Christmas is like...January."

And it's certainly January: a humid, warmish, rainy, grey day combined with post-holiday depression. Which will be followed by Monday. Oh. Joy.

So we had the usual Sunday trip to the grocery stores: twofers at Publix and the rest at Kroger. The bananas were green in both places; I'll settle for applesauce. Really, what is the use in selling all green bananas? I can see some green bananas, so that you can buy some that will ripen at the end of the week, but have some ripe ones, too.

After we had the groceries put away, we decided to go out to cheer ourselves up while also getting gasoline for the car. We stopped at Barnes & Noble to check out the magazines—lovely! a new British Country Living already! Found some clearance items to put away.

On our way out of the shopping center we stopped at their Hallmark shop. All the Christmas items were 75 percent off, which made many of the expensive ornaments more affordable. James got the very last Indiana Jones ornament and the very last Spock ornament, the "Mirror, Mirror" ornament, another "Nautilus" because ours is broken, and the Romulan ship. I got Santa's bakery and the animals in the manger one, and all the peppermint bark they had left (three small packages). On the way home we were musing...we pretty much have enough ornaments, between real life and science fiction, to have a space tree (the "Enterprise," the GI Joe astronaut, Explorer I, etc.), and then James said "...and on a black tree"...maybe with a silver garland for the Milky Way and silver ornaments for moons...and white lights...

Oh, Lord...here we go again.

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Harry Ellen said...

I was randomly going through blogs today and came across this entry and I must say your musings about the space try made me smile a lot. It's great you and your husband? (sorry if I'm wrong) have that great of a connection and show your togetherness in christmas by what you bought. Also you should call your try the iTree and paten it because I guarantee there will be an iTree in our near future