25 January 2012

Rudolph Day, January 2012

"Rudolph Day" is a way of keeping the Christmas spirit alive all year long. You can read a Christmas book, work on a Christmas craft project, listen to Christmas music or watch a Christmas movie.

Here's a few Christmas blogs to get you going:

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For music fans: A Christmas Yuleblog

I learned last fall that the Guideposts people had published their last "Ideals" edition at Christmas this year. The "Ideals" seasonal publications go back some years. If you find older editions you will note that, although the writing has remained warm and inspirational, the illustrations which accompanied them were often badly colored, overly chromatic, or just insipid. The newest issues have been beautifully illustrated with both sentimental paintings and gorgeous photography, and one of the joys of each fall was buying the defunct Thanksgiving edition for its stunning fall photography. Now the Christmas issue, too, is gone.

But Ideals left us with one last treat, a trade paper compilation called The Ideals Treasury of Christmas, which comprises two earlier volumes, Home for Christmas and The Greatest Gift. Both are crammed with homey reminisces, essays by noted writers such as Madeleine L'Engle and Faith Baldwin, nostalgic illustrations and warm photographs of cozy interiors, snowy scenes, bright decorations and nostalgic settings. Heartfelt verses, sheet music of loved Christmas carols, and recipes complete this crammed volume best read in a comfy chair with a hot drink beside you. Ever-so-recommended for setting a holiday mood.

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