18 November 2012

Thanksgiving Video

•  Bewitched: "Samantha's Thanksgiving to Remember"

•  The Burns and Allen Show: "Thanksgiving" (from 1951)

•  A rarity: Calvin and the Colonel: "Thanksgiving" (this is an animated television series from 1962 that was created by Freeman Godsen and Charles Correll, the same folks that gave the radio and later the television world the famous but controversial Amos and Andy; this time the leads are a scheming fox and a dimwitted bear)

•  A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (this is considered a classic, but, personally, it aggravates me—Peppermint Patty is such a bully in this; Charlie Brown shows a real spirit of Thanksgiving for putting up with her, and his grandmother is very gracious!)

•  The History Channel's The Real Story of Thanksgiving

•  "The Pilgrims," a 1955 Educational Film

•  Hanna-Barbera'sThe Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn't

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