10 December 2015

With Love and Laughter

Lighthouse Christmas, Toni Buzzeo with illustrations by Nancy Carpenter
This is a darling picture book for a child or the child in all of us about Frances and Peter, two children who wonder if they will have a Christmas now that their widowed father has taken over caretaker duties at Ledge Light, a remote lighthouse. Will Santa Claus even know where they are? They try to make their own Christmas and consider spending the holiday with their aunt, but everything changes when a storm comes up and their father must rescue a stranded fisherman. Will they still have Christmas? And will Papa ever accept that one-eared cat?

It's a sweet story about the hard life of a lighthouse keeper's family, a subject I've been fascinated by since I read "Maudie Tom, Jockey," way back when, and about making the best of what you have. The pen-and-ink crayon (?) illustrations are so evocative of another era. A great read for Christmas Eve.

Laughter: the Best Medicine Holidays
It's a collection of "Reader's Digest" short humor, from Thanksgiving turkeys to New Year's Day and winter. Some of the jokes are perennials, like kids who get Christmas song lyrics incorrect, but there are also some real giggles throughout. A great "bathroom book" or guest room book for the Christmas season.

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