02 December 2016

Heartlukewarm Stories

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Joy of Christmas, edited by Amy Newmark
The 2016 edition, which advertises itself as being not only about Christmas, but having stories of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, too, which is strange, since I did find the one Hanukkah story and didn't find one about Thanksgiving.

I've loved these things for years, but this seems like a lesser effort. Maybe it was from reading two "true" stories that were remarkably similar to Pearl Buck's "Christmas Day in the Morning" and a novel called The 13th Gift. Maybe it's because I keep seeing the same authors' names over and over; do they just have an affinity for heartwarming Christmas events happening to them? Maybe it's because some of the stories were just "meh" this year, like the little boy repeating to Grandma exactly what his mother asked him to say? Or maybe it's just that 2016 has made me extremely cynical?

Whatever. Some of the pieces are heartwarming, but this isn't the "Chicken Soup" folks at the top of their game.

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