01 January 2009

"On the Eighth Day of Christmas..." (Evening Edition)

It's been a nice quiet day. I've tidied up the guest room and washed the linens, and read some of Mark of the Lion (the first Jade del Cameron mystery) and watched "Merry Gentlemen" once again. We had a nice slice of Smithfield ham for supper, which James had soaked for two days in pineapple juice and honey with pineapple bits and craisins. It was superbly tender. We had it with boiled potatoes and I even ate a couple of spoonfuls of Hoppin' John for the new year, although I usually avoid black-eyed peas. (I probably should have, too. My stomach is sour again. But it's supposed to be good luck to eat Hoppin' John...or at least plain old black-eyed peas...on New Year's Day.

Nothing on television tonight besides bowl games and marathons, so I put on The Last Detective.

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