08 January 2009

Undeck the Halls, Part 2

I don't know why I am so frustrated that all of this is taking so long to take down. It took me three weeks to put it up! :-)

However, I do have the Rudolph tree down, with the little decorations for the bedrooms tucked in with those. The things for the porch are boxed with a little room left there. I may have to count on that box to put up the items on the room divider, and the Rudolph box is very crowded, and the dining room/kitchen box is pretty full (yes, I stripped the kitchen and dining room, too) and the foyer box is full.

I would have probably gotten the village down, too, but I couldn't work during lunch.

I am dreading the tree. Everything already looks so empty and it's so pretty and glittery...but as Mrs. Brown said in National Velvet, it's time to get on to the next thing.

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