10 January 2009

Wintry Mix

Not the weather, more's the pity. It's raining out, but there's a cold front on the back of it.

Well, downstairs is swept, the upstairs and the stairs are vacuumed, and most of the winter decorations are up except for the things that go on the railing of the porch, like the silver wreath. Because of the rain, it's not really a good time to put them out. I did put the snowmen out there, and the snow garland, and the sled and the shovel.

Most of the Christmas gifts we got are still sitting on the hearth. Must find homes for them soon.

The autumn things that go back up after Christmas (the scarecrow on the landing and the things that go on the mantel) are still in boxes downstairs. All in good time, I suppose.

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