06 December 2006

Cards Ahoy!

I had signed all of them on Monday night and finished addressing and sealing and stamping them (literally; I found old-world Santa cards that matched the old-world Santa banner that is out in front of the house and they came with silver seals) last night and James has popped them into the mail this morning. I would have had them out this weekend except that I had not finished the letter to go into some of them—several folks told me they missed our annual Christmas letter, so I did one again this year—and that I had no Christmas labels (no labels period!) to print the addresses on. I stopped at Office Depot on the way home.

It was nice because I found out the only labels they had came in a kit with stationery, which I found odd because OD usually has at least a half dozen different label designs available. I asked an employee about it and he said that this was all he had. Well, we have a color laser printer and Christmas icons, so I asked him to direct me to the plain labels. While I was making my selection, he evidently kept looking for Christmas labels for me and came up with the prettiest silver snowflake labels! That was very nice of him.

And they match the stamps!

I still need to go to the post awful to mail one package and to get air mail postage for the card that is going to England, plus get two Hanukkah cards. I hope to hand out a few cards in person on Friday; if not they will just go in the mail.

Watched The Waltons: "The Best Christmas"—their best Christmas episode—and the two documentaries, British Christmas Past and History Channel's Christmas Unwrapped, which featured both Penne Restad and Stephen Nissenbaum (the only one they missed was Karal Ann Marling) while I was processing the cards. Nice way to spend an evening.

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