25 December 2006

Eggnog and Sleighbells, Biscuits and Bows (and Angels!)

We've had a lovely holiday so far, very relaxing compared to the past few weeks (but that was fun all on its own).

Last evening we had dinner at the Boulers with the Spiveys and the Elders and Keith Tarpley. We exchanged presents before the fire, and then came home to watch The Homecoming and then A Pops Holiday, which I had recorded earlier. This was a compilation of clips from various concerts, so we saw Arthur Fiedler and John Williams as well as Keith Lockhart.

Then it was off to bed. James was awakened by thunder during the night but I slept through it.

We did gifts upon rising; I gave James a DVD collection of jet documentaries, some stick-on lights for under the kitchen counter (he always says the prep area is too dark), a protective cover for using on cooking magazines while cooking, and a book of 101 tortilla recipes, the book version of Mail Call with R. Lee Ermey, plus an IOU for a DVD of a flying film called One Six Right, which I tried to get on e-Bay, but eventually had to order on Amazon. Pidgie gave him Gordon Cooper's biography and Willow gave him a book of turkey recipes.

He bought me a Pocket Dragon (it's jumping on a panic button!), a calendar of cutouts for use in scrapbooks/cards, a pair of new wire cutters (I've been hunting for one), the book Thunderstruck by Erik Larson (I can take it off reserve at the library now; I was 64th in the queue! <g>) and a set of the series Voyagers! on DVD. Pidgie got me a book about imitating birdcalls, because I always whistle for the birds when I fill the feeder, and Willow's gift was the book Dog is My Co-Pilot.

Then James made biscuits and I made a proper eggnog, with real eggs. I got the Davidson pastuerized eggs that they sell at Publix (and thanks to whomever it was on alt.ri who suggested them). Mom used to make me an eggnog every morning for breakfast when I was in school—we'd get 'em straight from Stamps Farm out on Scituate Avenue, which is all homes now—because it was the only way I would eat eggs. Missed it since this salmonella scare started.

We had the biscuits with a tiny container of clotted cream we bought at Cost Plus World Market, which is just enough for four biscuits (and that's about enough clotted cream, too). Pidgie pecked biscuit crumbs off the table in between mugging his new "Girlfriend," and Willow cadged her little biscuit James always makes her. She loved her new "monkey" (a hedgehog toy that squeaks). She barfed so badly on the old one during vacation we couldn't save it. We didn't realize she missed it so much.

After breakfast we watched The Bishop's Wife and listened to carols on the Sirius Classical channel.

Meanwhile the birdies are running riot at the feeder again. It being chilly and drizzly didn't stop them from mobbing the bird feeder. It was like rush hour out there! They'd consumed so much since yesterday I had to interrupt the gobbling to refill the seed. One brown-headed nuthatch got so excited he flew over while I was refilling, then saw me, cheeped and retired until I went back inside.

And now it's time for us to go to dinner...Happy Christmas, everyone!

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