13 December 2006

Happy Christmas Evening

James attended his IPMS club Christmas party tonight so I had a favorite supper (chicken broth and rice) and watched Christmas programs.

I'd found a couple of links about The House Without a Christmas Tree today

Kimba66's Profile

A Christmas Tree "Convert"

so I watched that first of all. I received at least a half dozen e-mails about the Addie Mills stories this month alone; between those posts and the e-mails it looks like I'm not the only fan. Sensitive, thoughtful dramas like this seem too few and far between today (and when we do get them, they are interrupted by dozens of commercials, network "bugs," and popup ads for programs coming up. What a treat to see the entire television screen taken up with a story and nothing else—and excellent actors like Jason Robards and Mildred Natwick to boot.

Next I watched Holiday Inn, my first time. Yes, in 51 years I have never seen Holiday Inn, just the little clip where Crosby and Reynolds sing "White Christmas." I found it...okay. Astaire's dancing was spectacular but his character was so unlikeable it soured the movie for me. I do want to watch it with the commentary: there's archived commentary by Crosby, Astaire, and John Scott Trotter.

Seeking something lighter, I then watched both Lynn Johnston For Better or For Worse specials. The one where the kids are still young is the better story, I think. And I'm a bit partial to the "Snow" song, too.

Pidgie sang most of the night, and that was nice, too.

James didn't get home until 11:20—he had almost a two hour drive back (and a two hour drive there because of rush-hour traffic)!

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