26 December 2009

C is For Christmas Deflation

Gah. I woke several times during the night, and when James got up for work, and again, and again, and finally with a post-Christmas depression that just wouldn't quit. I've been fighting these depression attacks since after vacation and this one annoyed me. I have nothing to be depressed about. I had a nice Christmas. We are looking forward to a nice Christmastide with dinner out tonight and a games night tomorrow and a family visit next Saturday and a party the Saturday after that. But James is at work and I'm morose and for a while I huddle in my self-made misery.

Finally I roused myself to re-envelope and stamp a card that the post office returned. I had the right address; she went away for a few days and had the post awful hold her mail. When the box holding her mail got too full, they returned all the rest. Duh. And the USPS wonders why they are losing business. I also sent a card to cousins I hadn't seen in a while; she sent me a note via her son's Facebook page.

Then I dressed and went out to stick the cards in the mailbox, and went out. Stopped at Borders, which is starting a sale today. Found something for James and also Irene Pepperberg's Alex and Me. Stopped at Lowes, but evidently they have been clearancing their Christmas stuff for a while; the place was stripped. Where the Christmas trees were are flowers in pots. Only a few ornaments and village pieces remained, not even any light strings or bulbs. I found a subway entrance for my manteltop village, and something I just bought because of the nostalgic vibes. Except for the tiny wreaths on its sides, it doesn't even look like a Christmas building. It's a circa 1950s-1960s bowling alley, complete with a window to look at the bowlers, and a sign that advertises billiards, just like the old Garden City Lanes. I had to buy it. Maybe I'll use it as a nightlight downstairs or something.

Stopped at a CVS and bought some more tinsel. Heaven knows, maybe someday they'll quit making it, and then what will I do?

Finally went from one "Love Street" store to the next, spending my birthday savings. I found a gift in Love Street Home (and bought an identical piece for myself). Looked around the Love Street Heart and Soul store, but couldn't decide, so went across the parking lot to the main store. Bought some half-price Christmas ornaments, and a "girlfriend" for "Woody" the log reindeer. It's a log reindeer with holly for antlers, so I named her "Holly." It's also real holly, so I'll have to find replacements by next year or find something artificial.

What can I say? Woody looked lonely. :-)

Came home intending to eat lunch and ended up contending with an overflowing toilet. It made me cranky again, and I ended up not eating except for some bread and later an orange.

Gotta go...need to take Wil out before James gets home.

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