25 December 2009

C is For Christmas (Evening Edition)

We had dinner at the Butlers...a small crowd this year: only four Lucyshyns and two Skidmores along with two Youngs and four Butlers along with Lin's mother, who did manage to visit despite her hip problems. We had a magnificent dinner, with ham, tenderloin, and a Cajun turkey (I skipped the latter, but I understand it was delicious), Ron's mashed potatoes, James' corn casserole, the Trader Joe's Thai ginger carrots I brought, brussels sprouts, Lin's apple stuffing, and other stuff I've forgotten. Plus for dessert there were big cherry and blueberry pies, and Lin made the little piecrust goodies as always. Between dinner and dessert there were presents, but the company was the best gift of all.

On the way home, James drove in and out of the streets so we could see more light displays, and then we came home and relaxed until it was bedtime, which was early, since James had to work on the morrow...

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