23 December 2009

Here and There on "Christmas Adam"

"Christmas Adam" is a joke I found somewhere; apparently a child piped up one day and said if December 24 was "Christmas Eve," then December 23 should be "Christmas Adam." I thought that was cute, especially as December 24 is the Feast Day of Adam and Eve. So I have tooled around this morning celebrating "Christmas Adam."

I was headed out to BJs for BreatheRight strips, as I've been out for a couple of days and I woke this morning with a stuffy nose. But on the way I stopped at Hobby Lobby for a last dose of Christmas cheer, knowing that on December 26 everything will be ripped up and shoved into a corner for sales while the rest of the store is turning pink and red for Valentines Day. Alas, the changeover has already started: the walls are cleared and moved to the seasonal aisles, and everywhere is already appearing signs of the dreaded "S" word: "S" for "Spring," that is, which leads to an even worse "S," horrendous "Summer."

However, I did have a good wander about and found some small winter decorations at half price, and something else that would make a gift. Then made a short stop at Borders, then went to BJs and found a...wait, if I mentioned it, it wouldn't be a surprise to someone, would it? Heh.

Finally stopped at Kroger to fill up the car, then went inside to buy some turkey thighs for Christmas Eve dinner—turned out we were completely out! I got one of the smaller carts and filled it up almost completely, then left with three packets of turkey thighs and a baguette. The rest was all for the Can Bank.

Most satisfying thing I bought all day, except for the surprise.

Vacuumed this afternoon and tried to tidy the coffee table a little, had bow-tie pasta for lunch and watched Rick Steves' talk about Granada and Gibraltar, but spent the afternoon watching "Lassie's Gift of Love" and "Christmas at Plum Creek" and, once again, "Merry Gentlemen." James arrived home early from his doctor's appointment; it's the final one. The doctor says his broken finger is healing fine; he just needs to keep exercising it.

Golly, I'm hungry...

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