25 December 2008

"All is Calm, All is Bright..."

Despite the rain. :-)

We ate at table for a change, with Skye on the table next to me (she didn't like it very much; I should have put a paper towel over the top of the cage to absorb a little of the overheard light) and Willow staring hopefully up from the floor next to James.

Tomorrow she will have wet dog food and be happier. :-)

We had turkey thigh (with enough left over for a sandwich for lunch tomorrow) along with fresh Yukon gold potatoes, and served our drinks in our winter goblets. James had forgotten something at work and we were planning to go look at lights anyway, so we grabbed our wallets—it's much too warm again for coats; it smells like primordial ooze out there again—and me the camera and headed east.

On the way home from the building we drove down Mt. Paran Road to get pictures of the "dueling houses" as well as "Mr. Inflatable's" front lawn. Came back through Vinings, Austell Road, and Ridge Road, but nothing else was all that great except for one house, and by that time it was pouring so hard we couldn't put the window down to get a photo.

We arrived home to have a slice of pumpkin tart for dessert and watch our favorite Christmas Eve movie, Mercy Mission, with Scott Bakula and Robert Loggia, followed by the Hill Street Blues Christmas episode, "Santa Claustrophobia."

Now we are watching Midnight Mass from the Vatican.

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