24 December 2008

Christmas Eve Day in the Morning

Overhead on the telephone this morning:

Linda: "James, what were we bringing to the Butlers tomorrow?"

James: "The Thai ginger carrots. Wasn't that what we decided?"

Linda: "That's going to be a bit of a problem. We don't have any."

James: "Ooops."

Which explains why I was at Trader Joe's at 10:30 this morning. No matter. There wasn't a crowd and I was feeling rather chipper. I also bought a pumpkin tart and some French bread and oyster crackers.

Since I was the area I stopped at Michaels to see if their wrapping paper was already on sale. It was; I got some nice woodland designs.

Last night James has wrapped up some little gifts for a few of his co-workers. He forgot them this morning, so from Merchant's Walk I cut down the back way through Lower Roswell and Powers Ferry to his building.

On the way home I was going past the Heritage Pointe Michaels, so I stopped. They still had the cool bows, so I bought them. (I like to buy my bows for the year at Christmas. I use the red, green, and gold ones for Christmas and save the silver, blue, and purple ones for the rest of the year. But Michaels had interesting colors this year: a bag with golds, coppers, burgundies, hunter greens, and another bag with white, silvers, ice and sea blues. I ended up with a bag of both and three more wrapping paper designs.)

Now home for the day (hopefully). I've had some leftover pork loin from Fresh2Order, a glass of milk, and am watching Christmas episodes of Ask the Manager.

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