10 December 2008

Trim Up the Tree (and the Mantel)

I finally got the library tree put up tonight. James had to add pins to the new animals I bought as well as the one figure, so I couldn't "dress" the tree until I had all the trimmings. I hate the way the bead garlands went on. I think I would rather do payment authorizations than put garland on a tree. Tinsel takes forever, but it looks breathtaking once you get it on. Garland is just a pain in the neck.

I have the village buildings on the mantel but have not set up the rest of the accoutrements. I would like to find yellow bulbs to put in some of the buildings rather than white...it's okay for the stores, but the house and the church at least need something "homier." I have orange bulbs in there now; it's not bad for the church but the house looks like Hallowe'en.

Of course I hope I can find yellow bulbs. I'm going to try Garden Ridge. The bulb supply at Hobby Lobby sucks. I suppose I could try Target or WalMart or such. Garden Ridge was good for bulbs last year—of course, here it is two weeks before Christmas...do they still have a good supply?

I decorated the tree in the foyer last night; once we pull out the ornaments for the big tree, we can pick out the airplane ornaments and decorate James' airplane tree. We have a lovely sparkly blue fabric to use underneath it.

If only the weather would straighten out! It's still warm and sticky. The cold front's on its way, but as far as I'm concerned, it's not fast enough for me! I hate decorating a Christmas tree when it's warm. :-)

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