29 December 2008

"On the Fifth Day of Christmas..."

...we slept late! It was in the 30s last night and wonderful for sleeping. Even James slept in.

We had to mail a package, so went to the post awful. We also wanted to buy a mailing tube, but the line was out the door—worse that before Christmas!—and James decided he'd rather buy one at an office supply store. We used the automatic machine instead.

Had two Bed Bath & Beyond coupons expiring today, so we went there. If nothing else, we could buy some sweets for the party. We ended up getting cashews instead—and some lovely sale items that can be used as gifts. They also had the Entertainment Book at 30 percent off...and there is a two-fer Atlanta History Center coupon in it! Woohoo! I really want to see the temporary exhibitions "Jim Henson's Fantastic World" and "Norman Rockwell's Home for the Holidays" before they leave. The price of the Entertainment Book only exceeds the ticket price by a couple of dollars...so all the rest is gravy.

We also stopped at Barnes & Noble just to browse, and went to Costco. Along with the milk, we bought a "pizza kit." It's a set of twelve 7" pizza crusts (in sets of three) with six packs of sauce. At suppertime James browned some ground turkey, then placed that on the pizzas with shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese. He added onions and mushrooms to the one he was planning to eat and made the third as a half-and-half. It was delicious! (And I still have three slices.)

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