25 December 2008

"On the First Day of Christmas..." (Evening Edition)

...we celebrated!

We arrived at the Butlers about 4:30 and soon were in a happy crowd as the others arrived: the Skidmores, the Boroses, including their daughter, her friend and his sister, and the Lucyshyns. Since Colin's girlfriend was also there as well as Lin's mom, we had a full house of nineteen!

The house was full of chatter and laughter. We ate a delicious dinner of ham and roast beef, with sides of carrots and Ron's wonderful mashed potatoes, and two kinds of biscuits, and lots of other goodies. After supper we opened gifts and then spent some minutes searching for funny Christmas videos on YouTube.

We arrived home about ten o'clock, having spent time on the way home driving around looking at Christmas lights and trying to find a newspaper. We went to four places and no one had one. Why in the dickens is it so hard to find a newspaper on Christmas Day? It's just a regular daily paper. This is the fourth or fifth year in a row we haven't been able to find one. I enjoy reading the paper at Christmas; there are always nice stories.

Anyway, we chilled out by watching A Christmas Story and treating Willow to wet dog food.

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