26 December 2008

"On the Second Day of Christmas..."

...I shopped!

I had bows, paper, and next year's cards already, so my idea was to go to Kohl's this morning, but once I'd eaten breakfast I really didn't feel like going. Instead, I headed up to CD Warehouse on Bells Ferry to see if I could find a copy of Get Smart (which I did). On the way I stopped at CVS for more tinsel and found some small Rudolph ornaments that would fit on the back of the Rudolph tree.

From there I went to the Hallmark store nearby. They didn't have the jukebox I was looking for, but I did get two other ornaments at 40 percent off. There was a woman in the store desperately searching for the Madame Alexander doll ornament, as she collects them. The clerk very kindly called the Hallmark store at the mall and, finding they still had one, had them hold it for her. That was nice.

Next I stopped at the Town Center Linens'n'Things. It was their last two days; nothing much left. At JoAnn I bought a 12 inch tall Santa that was half off.

Once I was done there, I drove up US41, intending to go to the Kohls near Books-a-Million. There is a Hallmark store on the way, and I stopped to find they had their ornaments half off. Wow. I've never seen a Hallmark that sold their ornaments after Christmas for more than 40 percent off! I did find the jukebox here. Unfortunately, it plugs into the tree lights to work. I can't keep it next to my bed like I do the old-time radio. (When things get intolerable during the summer, I can twiddle with the dial and hear the humorous commercials and bits of music.) Also did get the View Master and the Star Trek communicator.

When I reach Kohls, the parking lot was packed and I didn't want to brave the crowd. I went to Books-a-Million instead and found a gift for someone, plus found Ace Collins' two books about the history of Christmas songs at half price.

Went into Michaels across the street and got a few copper leaves for a year-round decoration and a small container to put them in. On the way back down 41 I stopped at Walgreens and then again at CVS closer to home, gathering half-price things here and there to put away for next year.

Had lunch and settled in to enjoy myself. Watched "Dear Dad" and "Dear Sis" from M*A*S*H and then my creaky old copy of A Christmas Memory with Geraldine Page. I recorded this from Channel 24 in Macon over 20 years ago. The picture is a bit blurry and terrible, and a disgustingly huge "bug," one-sixth the area of the screen, with the channel logo and the temperature pops up every so often. But I'm glad I taped it, however static-scattered, because apparently the color version (which this is) has "vanished" and all they sell now is a black-and-white version. Wish it wasn't so chopped up for commercials and was "bugless." I know the original version must be longer, since it was made in 1966 and there were fewer commercials then (IMDb states the original is 51 minutes; I have about 44). It's such a beautifully charming story and Geraldine Page is picture-perfect as Sook.

As a chaser: A Very Merry Cricket.

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