31 December 2008

"On the Sixth Day of Christmas..." (Evening Edition)

I figure the best way to keep the kitchen clean between now and the party is not to have to cook much in it. So tonight instead of eating in we used our twofer coupon at Sweet Tomatoes. I didn't think I was in the mood for salad, but it tasted quite good, as did the bowl of soup.

When we finished we went to Borders. James wanted to get the new Eat This, Not That book. I found a Rick Steves' "Back Door" book from this year for only $4.

On the way home we drove through "Lights of Life." We hadn't done it yet this season and I believe it ends New Year's Day. Because they are repaving the back parking lot, they had the little Santa's Workshop display booths somewhere else. They covered the hill, usually the home of the Victorian village, with a forest of Christmas trees, some elves, and my favorite light display, "Santa's Flying School," which has a reindeer jumping off a building and parachuting down.

Across the road from the hill is a small pond, which always has a dragon (sea serpent variety) "in" it. He wears a Santa hat. :-) If you drive up behind the pond and then turn about to return to the road, the reflection of the lights from the hill in the pond, combined with the lights themselves, is quite stunning.

Aside from Santa and reindeer and the "Victorian Village," they also have a giant menorah and a nativity scene, penguins frolicking outside igloos, teddy bears snowballing each other, giant snowflakes, and even a teddy bear dancing with a bunny.

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